Hey there! I hope all of my teacher-friends had an awesome and relaxing Winter Break, and of course, for those of you who follow along and aren’t teachers (wow, thanks for following!), I hope you all had a great holiday season with your families.

I’ll be blunt: I’m terrible with New Year’s Resolutions! I do the usual “resolution slide.”¬†You know, that thing where you’re like,

Aw yeah, resolution, day 1, check!

Day 2, two days in a row, check!

Day 3… okay, check…

Day 4… shoot! I’ll get it tomorrow…

Day 5, what resolution? ūüėČ

With that being said, I’m going to make a real effort to blog more about what’s happening in my classroom this year. And while¬†there’s no question that I haven’t been taking time out of my week to blog
about my school days, my teaching philosophy, or my tech discoveries, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something awesome happening every day!

2015-12-11 10.29.59
Nope, not turning around for a picture. We’re busy.

So, I’ll catch you up. Before Winter Break, my students and I participated in the Hour of Code. I’m fairly tech-savvy and was surprised that I personally hadn’t coded before, so I took some time to play with the site myself for an hour. I really learned a ton, and got super excited to let my kids have a crack at it! My kids brought headphones, and after watching¬†the videos on the site (while I passed out computers — check out that great use of time!), they got started.

2015-12-11 13.09.30

They had a BLAST and want to code every Friday! I’d love to have them do that (if I had the curriculum time, of course), because they were so engaged and spent time teaching each other how to code when there were errors and sounds of frustration, and they were eager to show me what they were making their computers do! I loved it, they loved it, and we’ll definitely be signing up again next year!

Mrs. K