Image Credit: Thinkstock & EduTopia
Image Credit: Thinkstock & Edutopia

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Non-Teaching Time | Edutopia.

I feel like one of my goals for every school year is to make better use of my time. (I’m certain that my husband and coworkers would tell you that I still need to work on this…) Throughout the school-week, I have a schedule that I’m pretty good about sticking with, but there are still little, menial tasks that creep up and try to derail my plans, not to mention the exhaustion that manages to eat me alive around 3:30 each afternoon.

I love articles that provide real tips for fixing my “issues” that I can apply right away; this article in particular has some really smart ideas that I’ll definitely be using to help me be more efficient and less stressed out this year. My favorite tip from this article? Planning/mapping out the next week on FRIDAY. Yes, FRIDAY. In the past, I’ve planned my Monday on Friday, and then my Tuesday-Friday on Monday afternoon. But, I sponsor our 6th Grade Math League on Monday afternoons, so planning on Monday is a recipe for disaster for both me and the students in Math League that don’t always get my full attention. I’m excited to try planning on Fridays to alleviate this problem!

By the way, I already make my lunches for the week on Sundays. Jar-salads FTW. 😉

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