…And this is the only time I’ve had since the school year started to do any blogging. Sad and a shame!

This year has started out a little rough for me, and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out why. Throughout first quarter, I spent way to many evenings working until 6 or later and exhausting myself. I have really struggled to find a balance between teaching and being at home, and am needing to take some more time for myself. It’s sad, but I can understand why some teachers burn out during those first 5 years of teaching. But I love my job and don’t want to burn out.

To that end, I’ve decided to make some adjustments for second quarter. These are the goals that I have set for myself and I’m hoping that I can stick to them — I’m sure I’ll feel better at the end of second quarter if I can make these a regular part of my life.

  1. Monday plan time is reserved for planning for the week. Ideally, this would include planning for the following Monday as well, but that’s asking for a lot.
  2. I tend to get fixated on a task, and then think it’s not okay to stop that task, even if it’s one that can wait. So, I’m employing a little time management tool to help me move on from one task to another. (If you’re interested in the tool, please see my post about the 30/30 app.)
  3. Leave at a reasonable time after school. For example, leaving at 5 pm is reasonable. Leaving at 6:30 pm is not.
  4. Leave when I tell Brice I’m going to leave. I’m bad about that.
  5. Get better about telling my wonderful colleagues that I have to get moving because there are things to do and time’s a-wastin’.
  6. Take one day a week for lunchtime without students in the room. I am a person that needs my “teacher minute” to take a few deep breaths and be alone. Time to actually take that time.
  7. Take two days each week to go home and do something for myself. Run, meditate, read, whatever.

Oh, and stop stressing about making this blog. It’ll get written. 🙂

Mrs. K