It’s the time of year when all of the new graduates are out and about. Seniors from the high school on our middle school campus (and my former stomping grounds) came back into the building to say hello to their former teachers, substitute teachers were in high demand because all of us are out celebrating with our student-graduates, and one of my siblings has probably graduated from either college or high school (one more to go — yay Cara!).

The month of May always makes me look back fondly on each of my graduations — and the expectations I had for myself and for my life.

Erin's Graduation
My sister, Erin, singing during her graduation ceremony in May of 2010. My brother graduated from high school in 2008, and my other sister, Mollie, graduated 2 weeks before my wedding to Mr. K last year.

I think that when I finished high school, I was so looking forward to college that my only expectation was “I’ll go to college.” I told myself more too, like “I’ll have fun. I’ll get a degree. I’ll meet new people. Football games will be so fun. Boulder is so stinkin’ gorgeous all damn year, it’s going to be so cool walking around on that campus.” (Understatements of the year.)

My college graduation from CU Boulder, May 2006.

When I finished college, things were a little different. I had met my (future) husband, I had been accepted to CU’s Master’s Plus program for Education, and I was looking forward to getting my feet under me, learning about my chosen profession, and starting my career.

That's a Master's collar. Boom.
That’s a Master’s collar around my neck. Boom.

I’d like to think that I have met many of the goals I set for myself while I was in school: I married an amazing man, I have a wonderful job doing something challenging and interesting and working with amazing people, and moved into our house that we own. I feel very lucky, but I know that I’ve worked hard and continue to work hard each day to keep what Brice and I have worked for, which was the message that rang out loud and clear from each speaker at each graduation ceremony I attended. I wish the Class of 2013 the same good fortune that my husband I have had.

I ran across this video on NBC News and loved it (I watch these compilations every year), so after I wiped the tears from my eyes (yes, I cried, I always cry) I reflected on my own “Class Of” moments and wanted to congratulate the class of 2013 by sharing this with my awesome readers.

Congrats, Class of 2013!

Mrs. K