…two things.

(1) More teacher work days throughout the year. We had one on Tuesday, and I got TONS done. I finished grading tests (only 2 weeks late), quizzes, all quiz corrections, make-up work, and exit tickets. I had a productive meeting with my 6th grade math teammates. I scheduled a few conferences for conference night in a couple of weeks, AND I’m copied and planned for the rest of this week. Yessir.

(2) A snow day tomorrow. It’s been a really dry winter here in Denver, and today we finally got a dose of heavy, wet snow that’s supposed to continue through the night and into tomorrow morning. We don’t get snow days too often, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Especially with this little predictor:

snow day 2/21/13?


Thanks to a few sources for this fun little guy:

The Snow Day Calculator

Clutter-Free Classroom

And a fellow teacher-friend on Facebook. 😉

Mrs. K