Remember when you were a kid and you’d see your teacher out and about in the neighborhood? I remember thinking “Please, don’t see me and try to come talk to me while I’m with my mom… please… please… oh-my-God-thank-goodness-she-didn’t-see-me…” I always thought of my teachers within the context of their classrooms, as if talking about boring stuff was the only activity they ever engaged in. Teachers don’t shop at Target, or walk out of American Eagle at the mall, or go see movies, or hang out with friends, right?

Now that I’m the adult in the classroom, I hear my kids talking about that kind of thing. They all seem shocked when I tell them about how my weekend didn’t involve teaching in any way, shape, or form. I love when kids learn my first name and look so surprised, as if I never had one before. I always ask them “Well, what do you think my mom calls me? Mrs. K?” The look on their faces is just too funny.

Yes, Virginia, there IS a first name.
Yes, Virginia, there IS a first name.

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Mrs. K