My absolute, most favorite aspect of teaching are the moments when students show you love, even in the smallest of ways.

I have a “We Love Mrs. Kindred” bulletin board on my wall, and I use it to display some of the cool drawings and cards that I get from my kids. I used to try to put them all into my Rainy-Day Book, which is a big binder/scrapbook that I cut and paste these items into (and by “I”, I really mean my student assistant — I have no time for that). But, I’ve since found a better way to catalogue all of these sweet mementos. I can’t take credit for finding this — a Facebook friend who is a mother recommended this app, and I’ve just tweaked it so that I can use it for my classroom.

The app is called ArtKive, and it will help you create archives of all of the student work and fun items that you’d like to keep. It’s easy to use: set up a free account, create an album (my current album is called “Math 6, 2012-2013”, but you can create different ones by adding “children”, hence its perfect use for mommies), and then take a picture of the artwork. I give each new piece the title of the student’s name, and I’m done! The app saves the art as an image, dates the work by when it was added to the ArtKive, and I no longer have to make my student assistant use up all of the glue I have in my desk… Bless her sanity-saving heart. The images can be shared easily, say, between a mommy and daddy, if that’s something you’re looking for. Even cooler? If I want a Rainy-Day Book for the year, I can have all of the pictures printed into a book for a reasonable price (or some other awesome keepsake, which is in the works by the company and should be available sometime in the future).

Pretty rad dragon, don't you think?
Pretty rad dragon, don’t you think?

Mrs. K