As a teacher, I take it upon myself to keep kids safe. When my kids and I practice for fire drills and lockdowns, I try to stress the importance of the drill and why kids need to take it seriously too. When I see something happening in my hallway or classroom that could lead to a broken heart or a broken arm, I stop it. And so, when I heard of the shooting in Newton, Connecticut, my first thoughts were for those sweet, sweet first graders and their families. I grieve for the little ones, but I also mourn the loss of the adults in the building. The school psychologist, who is needed now more than ever, the principal who lunged at the gunman in an effort to stop him, and the first-grade teachers who gave their lives for other people’s children. Other people’s children. I can’t think of a more selfless and heroic act, and would expect nothing else from myself and all teachers.

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