How many times have you heard this as an educator? To this end, I’ve shown movies about the current relationship between the United States and China. I’ve done research about current African revolutions and wars and genocides for my students to get them excited about reading about the colonization of Africa. I’ve created math problems about the national debt, March Madness, and making Kool-Aid and brownies.

Enter Yummy Math. (Maybe I should have posted this on Monday, since this site is made for math… oh well.) This site jammed with awesome, real-world problems that are tied to what’s in the news right now. The problems on the site today are about the fiscal cliff, holiday shopping, and Thanksgiving recipes and balloons, and are submitted by fellow math teachers, and are available for download in .pdf format. The problems are rich, and require the high-level thinking skills that we want our kids to be using! Please, go check this site out!