Yesterday was hard.

I spent an hour or so making (what I thought was) a really good homework review guide for a test on operations with decimals. I used class time to have kids start on the review, knowing that some review getting done is better than no review getting done. Unfortunately, about half of the kids (in each class) decided not to do the homework. I was pretty disappointed, and then flat-out angry that they didn’t complete a review the night before the test. They don’t really know how best to study yet, so why not complete the review? I mean, really? Wow. Just… wow.

The kids got it. They knew (a) that they really messed up and (b) that I was pretty bummed out and bothered by their choices. I stayed at work really late to blow off steam by climbing some of the mountain of papers I have to grade (no, nothing else got done today, thanks for asking) and getting my worksheets created and copies done for the rest of the week; of course, the copiers hated me and hated making copies, so things got progressively worse, and worse, and worse. On my way home, I realized that I needed to take a second to remember why I do my job, why I love my kiddos this year, and get back into a positive state of mind. The following lines helped me get back to a happy place last night and all day today.

“Mrs.Kindred you are the best teacher in the whole wide world .I like you because you put notes and you are the smartest teacher I know.”

“I’m afraid of chickens. That’s why I eat them. REVENGE!”

“My paper’s bleeding green blood.”

“Your the best math teacher ever.”

“Name: Superman. I forgot my: Superpowers. I left it at: home.”

“My name is not Khalid! It’s Miss Khalid. I tried on high heels.” (Um, what?)

“You’re my mom! I’m Ricardo Kindred!”

“Bye Mrs. K. Don’t stay late tonight. You needa go home too.”


Cute, right?