This is going to be a quick post — I was at work, grading “the pile” and putting those grades into the gradebook until nearly 7! The benefit to a late night, of course, is that I’m now ENTIRELY (yes, entirely) caught up on all of my grading and now have progress reports printed. That’s how I roll, folks.

Anyway, I had the share one of my favorite classroom apps for the iPhone — a time-saver and a way to keep kiddos involved and participating in your lesson (you know, just in case they happen to drift off a bit… never happens to me… 😉 ).

Teacher Tools — Who’s Next? is awesome, because it allows you to build a class list for random calling of students, then use that same list to create random groupings! Amazing, right! Here are a few additional details about the app:

A little bit of info about the random calling screen…
…and, some information about the random grouping.
I love that I can call each class whatever I need to call them. I’ve tried “period 1, period 2,” but this year I’ve changed things up a bit and have given each of my classes a symbol: a star, a smiley, and a heart.
You can choose the number of groups you need, then the app splits up your students for you!
My favorite part of the groups — each group gets a silly little name! My kids LOVE the names that they end up with. Too fun!