I’ll admit it. I’m kind of a technology nerd.


Okay, I have my moments. But I love trying new websites, apps, and whatever else I can get my hands on if I think that for even one second, it’ll make my life easier, get my students to try and love math, or help them with their grades. So, for that reason, I’m really excited about this first posting!

I need to be able to upload tons of documents to various websites, mainly for my kids to download if they lose something, but also to send to colleagues and keep for future reference. I suppose I could take the 1.5 minute walk to the teacher workroom and use the copier/scanner, but with our huge staff (150+) and older machines, there’s no telling if these are available when I need them. I looked into some iPhone apps to see what I could find, and, TA-DA! TurboScan to the rescue! 

The app works with your iPhone camera to snap pictures of documents, then create PDF versions that you can then upload to a cloud (if you have one) like Evernote, or you can email it to yourself (which is what I usually do). You can create documents with multiple pages, and the quality, frankly, is better than some of the full-sized scanners I’ve used in the past!

Here are some examples of documents I’ve scanned in using the app; bear in mind that I’ve scanned them, then taken a screen shot, and they still look pretty good!

TurboScan costs $1.99 in the iTunes App Store, and while I don’t have much experience with Android phones, I’ve heard that this app is about the same cost (give or take $1), and that CamScanner is a comparable app.

Is this something you can use in your classroom? What other apps do you know of that can do something similar?

Happy Scanning!